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Full Body Massage + Fomentation
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Welcome to 1Ayurved, where the ancient art of Ayurveda intertwines with contemporary wellness. Our Shalishashtik Pindasweda therapy offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience, combining the therapeutic benefits of a full-body massage with the soothing effects of fomentation. Immerse yourself in the indulgence of this unique treatment designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

What is Shalishashtik Pindasweda?

Shalishashtik Pindasweda is a specialized Ayurvedic therapy that involves a full-body massage followed by the application of warm, herb-infused boluses. These boluses, known as Pinda, are prepared with a unique blend of herbs, rice, and milk. The therapeutic sequence concludes with fomentation, creating a harmonious blend of massage, herbal infusion, and warmth.

Key Benefits of Shalishashtik Pindasweda

Muscle Relaxation

The full-body massage component of Shalishashtik Pindasweda targets muscle tension, promoting deep relaxation and alleviating stiffness.

Herbal Infusion

The warm herbal boluses release potent herbal properties, providing nourishment to the skin, promoting detoxification, and enhancing overall skin health.

Joint Mobility

Shalishashtik Pindasweda contributes to improved joint mobility, enhancing flexibility and promoting a sense of ease in movement.

Stress Reduction

Experience profound stress reduction as the therapeutic touch of the massage and the comforting warmth of the herbal boluses soothe the nervous system.

How It Works

At 1Ayurved, Shalishashtik Pindasweda is administered by skilled Ayurvedic practitioners committed to providing a personalized and authentic experience. We use meticulously prepared herbal boluses tailored to your unique constitution and well-being.


Customized Herbal Boluses

Full-Body Massage

Application of Herbal Boluses

Embrace Total Well-Being with 1Ayurved

Elevate your well-being with the indulgence of Shalishashtik Pindasweda at 1Ayurved. Let our practitioners guide you toward complete relaxation, leaving you with a sense of balance, vitality, and lasting wellness.

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